The Traditional Family Recipe Crew

Amber Wurfel 

Amber became interested in cooking as a child when her parents opened a few restaurants. She helped her dad cook recipes his restaurants had created. She loves to cook new dishes, but dinners are her favorite!

Lindsey Savoie

While not the strongest main-meal cook, Lindsey has a love for baking desserts. The standard chocolate chip cookie is her favorite, but she loves to try out as many different dessert recipes as possible!

Nick Marchese

Nick has had a long love and passion for good food and fun cooking. It all started for him when he was about 6 years old and would make cupcakes while sporting a painted on mustache.

Rolando Gonzalez

Rolando has had a long love for all kinds of foods and enjoys the challenge of trying to duplicate mom’s great recipes. Picture-2012 Thanksgiving Day family fun about to carve the turkey!